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own your own philanthropy

Be the human your dog thinks you are. 

It starts here 

In the next 10 years, millennials and genZers will inherit an estimated $68 trillion worth of wealth. 

We want to help you put that to good use. 

Where it's going

At Sacreage, we're building a seamless and fun  crypto philanthropy tool for the budding millennial philanthropist.

Marrying tax-advantaged Donor-Advised Funds with seamless non-profit integration, Sacreage supports the novice and savvy crypto users, while allowing any qualifying 501(C)3 organization to easily accept crypto and manage donations. 


Sacreage is building the future of digital philanthropy with broad accessibility, ownership, and ease in mind. This is why we are committed to incorporating diversification in assets and seamless transaction flows at every step of the giving process. 

With expanding environmental nonprofit funding (among other philanthropic sectors) as our North Star, Sacreage plans to first build atop the following carbon-negative and/or neutral blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon and Celo.


The Celo blockchain protocol is mission-oriented, with the goal of allowing everyone with a phone to participate in local and global economic systems. Celo's focus is to create the conditions for prosperity for all, which also encompasses an emphasis on projects which regenerate and protect local ecologies.


Like Celo, we want to put the power of giving in your hands by creating mobile-first infrastructure that's easy to use, and allows you to demonstrate your Proof of Support

At Sacreage, we truly believe anything is possible when we can unlock and access capital for good. We can't wait to help you start your giving journey, and be with you every step of the way. 


Read more about Celo and their Climate Collective 

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