only you can protect sacred lands. 

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How it started

Biden is on a mission to protect 30% of U.S. lands and waters by 2030.

Currently, we're at 12%. And did we mention the $2 billion-dollar land acquisition backlog? And the $19 billion-dollar conservation project backlog? 

Sacreage aims to fill this gap in funding by providing an incentivized funding mechanism, or Proof-of-Support (or POS) NFTs, for institutional and individual donors to more easily connect to conservation organizations and invest with impact.


We are honored to help you protect the places you love, through supporting the organizations and communities who know conservation best. 

Vision & Values

We envision a world in which everyone has a stake in land conservation.

Sacreage is creating a sustainable future for conservation funding, community-building, and land reclamation through land tokenization and geospatial NFTs.

With a keen appreciation for land and the organizations working to protect it, the power of place and the meaning we derive from it are foundational to our product and community.

Sacreage stands with Native and Indigenous communities who have and continue to face land dispossession as a result of colonial structures. Partnering with indigenous communities is a guiding principal for Sacreage, as its our belief that the ongoing landback movement is integral to long-term preservation.

Forging verified partnerships with indigenous communities and recognized conservancies ensures that funding and land-for-purchase is stewarded by those best equipped to protect it.

Sacreage is a community where everyone can find roots.

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The Celo blockchain protocol is mission-oriented, with the goal of allowing everyone with a phone to participate in local and global economic systems. Celo's focus is to create the conditions for prosperity for all, which also encompasses an emphasis on projects which regenerate and protect local ecologies.

As we believe every individual and community has a right to long-lasting land access and appreciation, our visions go hand-in-hand.

Celo also has partnered with the Climate Collective - a growing coalition of companies and organizations working together to creatively and boldly redefine the possibilities a the intersection of web3 and climate action. They support a variety of products that are workings to progress what is commonly referred to in the web3 space as "ReFi", or Regenerative Finance. Simply, their mission is to "accelerate regenerative applications using Celo’s carbon-negative blockchain and mobile-first infrastructure."

Read more about Celo and their Climate Collective 

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