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Our Story

100% women-operated and owned, we are working tirelessly to build the next best crypto-first giving tool for the budding millennial philanthropist. 

Sacreage was founded in 2021 by Isabel Doonan and Claire Grunewald as a funding platform specifically designed for land conservation and buyback. In building partnerships and prototypes, issues surrounding philanthropic incentive structures, tax benefits, and funding for nonprofits became abundantly clear. We knew we needed to help expand nonprofits’ access to the liquidity and capital across all assets, to ultimately fund land conservation and the environment. 

So, we took a bold and exciting turn to work on unlocking funding and philanthropy in web3. 


Sacreage is the second Donor-Advised Fund sponsorship organization to emerge web3. Its goal is to build a seamless giving application that will improve transparency, efficiency, and participation in philanthropic giving, while serving to manage and maximize the wealth that millennials are expected to inherit. Sacreage is working to provide a robust philanthropic offering for retailers and institutions, as we remain dedicated to integrating a carbon negative strategy as an organization.

The Team


Isabel Doonan

CEO, Co-Founder

Isabel Doonan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sacreage and Girls Gotta Eth, and began her Web3 career working to tokenize land assets for conservation and indigenous buyback. Isabel grew up in Massachusetts, and went to school in Pennsylvania, where she studied International Affairs and Spanish, with a concentration in Global Cities, and worked in Program Management for local community organizations. Isabel began her professional career at a fintech company, where she worked in B2B Sales and Marketing, and helped build her firm’s ESG Strategy and Diversity Dealer Initiative for Minority- and Women-owned broker-dealers. Deeply passionate about the intersection of Web3, climate, and philanthropy Isabel is working to build a better, more equitable future in which everyone can seamlessly participate in philanthropic giving. 


Claire Grunewald

COO, Co-Founder

Claire Grunewald is the Co-Founder and COO of Sacreage. Claire grew up north of Baltimore, Maryland and attended Lafayette College where she majored in International Affairs and Mathematics, with a concentration in Human Rights and Social Justice that culminated in a semester in Santiago, Chile as a Boren Scholar. After graduation, Claire found herself working as a Political Tech Fellow, an International Health and Development Consultant, and currently within the compliance and regulatory space. In these roles, Claire has strong skills in research, methodology development, and data management and analysis. She believes in the power of creativity and web3 technologies to find solutions for equitable financial inclusion and distribution, and is working to make Sacreage part of the equation.

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